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"I have spent my entire life creating a magnificent oasis, a Garden of Eden, which has been enjoyed by many visitors all over the world. I can only hope that Gardenview continues to exist forever so that future generations will have something beautiful to visit and enjoy, and to serve as an example of what life would have been like if we had done things differently."

Henry A. Ross

Gardenview Horticultural park

Support Gardenview

Gardenview has become internationally recognized as an outstanding example of what can be done with willing hands and perseverance. It could not exist without the generous support of its members. Your investment in Gardenview will allow us to take steps closer to fulfilling the passionate vision of its founder, Henry A. Ross. Click here for our strategic plan.

There are many ways for you to support Gardenview — through Membership, the Annual Fund, Charitable Planned Gift, or a dedicated garden in tribute to a friend or family member. Click here to view our proposed gardens. 

Annual Fund

Your tax-deductible donation to the Annual Fund supports every aspect of our operations, maintenance, and continued growth.

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Charitable Planned Gift 

Bequest — Include Gardenview in your will or trust for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or another type of provision and receive potential tax savings for your estate. If you prefer to direct your gift to a particular area of Gardenview, please let us know.

Charitable gift annuity — To establish a charitable gift annuity, a donor makes a gift of cash or appreciated securities to  Gardenview. In exchange, the donor receives annual (or quarterly, or semiannual) payments for life. Payment amounts may be made to the donor or to another person and are based on the age of the person receiving the payments.

Charitable remainder trust — A charitable remainder trust is established when cash or securities or another asset are transferred to a trust. The donor or another person receives payments from the trust for life or for a term of years (not exceeding 20). At the end of the lifetime or term of years, the trust terminates and the assets pass to charity.


Charitable lead trust — A charitable lead trust is established when cash or securities or another asset are transferred to a trust. The donor arranges for one or more charities to receive payments from the trust. At the end of the trust term, the assets pass to the donor or family members.


Life insurance — Name Gardenview as beneficiary of all or a percentage of a fully paid life insurance policy you may no longer need and you may receive a charitable estate tax deduction for the portion you designate for charity.

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