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"Gardenview, A Plantman's Paradise"

  Horticulture Magazine, 1994

"Henry Ross, A Professional Gardener"

The Garden Center Bulletin, 1986


"Ohio Glorious Gardens"

Ohio Magazine, 2003

"Solar Flare: Hosta with Mosta"

Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1991

"Paradise in the Wild"

Akron Beacon Journal, 1996

"Solar Flare Hosta"

 Klehm Nursery, 1991

"16 Acres of Freedom

 from the Rat Race"

Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1971

By Henry Ross

"Cultivars and Clones"

The Hardy Plant, 1990


HGTV Gardenview Horticultural Park

A Strongsville Treasure

WKYC Cleveland, 2003

Gardenview Horticultural park
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