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Since its legal dedication as a public park in 1961, the development of Gardenview has continued, slowly but surely to the point where it has been recognized as one of the world’s most inspiring gardens. It has gained recognition in many forms of media and several of the plants cultivated by Gardenview have received patents that remain to this day in the catalog of several professional growers.

The development, evolution and maintenance of gardens made up of rare plants and ______flowers which provide enjoyment, education, and inspiration to visitors. 


Strategic Goal

Who We Are

The sixteen-acre plot of land in the heart of busy Strongsville is an oasis of natural beauty. Originally swampy farmland, Henry A. Ross purchased the property in 1949. Gardenview was incorporated in 1962 and met the requirements to be declared a non-profit charitable and educational organization by the IRS in 1963, and granted the classification of 501(C)(3). This entitles donations to Gardenview to be tax deductible.

Currently, Gardenview has a small board of trustees and one year- round employee, Mark LaRosa, who worked along side Henry Ross for eighteen years. During the season from May until the end of September, temporary employees are used to help in the weeding, planting, watering and maintenance.

Several of the current Board of Trustees have been in place for ten years or more. They are responsible for the overall welfare of Gardenview. Their duties include: supervising overall maintenance, hiring contractors for structure repair and replacement, overseeing finances, seeking financial support in the form of grants and donations, and attracting new members.

For the past several years the Board has undertaken the task of overseeing the design, municipal approval, and the construction of a new residence building. Due to a flood in May 2014, the structure was damaged beyond repair. The new structure encases a large library, small meeting room, office and a small residence for the caretaker.


Additionally, during the same period the garage/workshop was in need of replacement due to structural deterioration. These projects were completed by early May 2016. The library collection of over 3000 books has been cataloged and fully restored.

Several other structures at Gardenview have been either razed due to structural integrity or restored to a state suitable for safe usage.

Our strategic plan for the future of Gardenview is outlined below. 

Board of Trustees: 

Joseph P. Tooman, Chairman

Marla F. Tooman

Joseph P. Dowling: Esq

Gardenview Horticultural Park

Strategic Plan

Complete the fundraising and construction of the most significant features outlined in our Master Site Plan Map.

In past projects, we have worked with a landscape development firm, The Pattie Group of Novelty, Ohio, for site plan ideas and input to revitalize & expand the gardens. Their ideas, combined with our wishes, will add new vistas to Gardenview while retaining the English cottage garden theme.

To see the current overview of Gardenview, click here. 


  For our future Master Site Plan Map, click here to view.

Gardenview Horticultural Park

Present Needs

  • New greenhouse suitable for year-round growing and education.

  • Repair canal walls deteriorated by age.

  • Rebuild bridge crossing canal to withstand  large vehicles.

  • Recondition and expand the parking area.

  • Design and construct a water garden with picnic and seating area.

  • Revitalization of gardens.

  • New benches throughout the garden.

  • Salaries for additional gardening staff and support to ensure the gardens are immaculately maintained.

  • Salaries for administrative and promotional support.

  • Seek additional qualified board members.

Long-Range Plan

  • To make Gardenview a year-round facility.

  • Provide an exhibit and lecture space.

  • An apprenticeship training program for young students.

  • Educational and community programming including a Horticultural Therapy Program.

  • Venue for local artists and musicians to share their work and talents.

  • To dredge ponds to a greater depth to assure added irrigation availability.

  • The cultivation and development of the additional 10 acres of Gardenview.

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