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Gardenview Horticultural Park

"It has always been my personal philosophy that human beings were put on this world for each of us to use our given talents and abilities to take care of this world; To nurture it and preserve its natural beauty."

Founder, Henry A. Ross (1926-2014)

Henry Ross Gardenview Horticultural Park



Our mission is the development, evolution and maintenance of gardens made up of rare plants and flowers which provide enjoyment, education and inspiration. At Gardenview, enjoy a natural, cottage-style landscape that appears to have happened by itself.  

Since its legal dedication as a public park in 1961, the development of Gardenview has continued to be recognized as one of the world’s most inspiring gardens. Included in the catalog of several professional growers are plants once cultivated and patented by Gardenview.

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Gardenview Horticultural Park  16711 Pearl Road, Strongsville, Ohio 44136

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